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Got a small-sized load you want to move and need to hire a vehicle that can move it? If you need to move a single large piece of furniture or a bunch of smaller household items then a hiring a full-sized moving van would probably be overkill. You’ll just end up wasting money paying for space that you don’t need. Fortunately for those smaller moves around town of that impulse Gumtree purchase or that big screen TV from the local electronics outlet, there are smaller vehicle options available that are nearer to the size of vehicle you need for the job.

It sounds simple, but if your payload fits into the back of a ute then a ute is probably all you need. So here are some helpful ute hiring tips that will help you get your items to where you need them to be.

Find The Right Ute Hire Company

Finding a ute hire company to let you move yourself is easy enough. Depending on your location you can just do an internet search on “ute hire Sydney“,”ute hire Brisbane” or even “ute hire Melbourne” to find a local vehicle self-move business that is near you.

Find The Right Ute Fit

Before hiring a ute, check that the items you need to move yourself will actually fit inside the ute’s bed. Utes come in a variety of sizes and shapes so check with the hire company to see what they have available. You may also need to factor in the wheel-wells if the item needs to fit on the ute floor.

Know Your Weight Limitations

While the items you need to move may be small enough to fit into a ute, you will still need to factor in their weight. Utes have load limits and an awkwardly distributed load can place too much weight on one side of the vehicle; so consider this when choosing a ute for hire. A small but heavy load might still need a large ute to distribute the weight evenly and stop the vehicle from being overloaded.

Protect Your Items

One thing to think about for any move is whether you need to lay down some floor protection for the items you’ll be moving. A small load on the back of a ute can shift around more than cargo in a large van or truck so delicate items might need more protection to stop them from being marked by contact with the floor-bed. Fortunately a ute floor-bed doesn’t take much to cover. If you’ve got a tarp or some old sheets or blankets then you just need to put them on the floor before you start loading your gear, so make sure you have these items handy before renting a ute.

Manage Your Height

On your journey, it is possible that you could be heading into shorter parking garages and underground areas that have height restrictions.  It is always valuable to ensure that the height of your items can fit into the places you are looking to go.  While the open flatbed is great for handling those larger, bulkier misshaped items… misjudging their height can have disastrous consequences.

If you have tall items, they also might rock around in transit, and then you will probably need to secure them with ropes. You can invest in some strong ropes or straps from a local hardware store. You might also want to keep some rags or towels handy to place under the rope and stop it from rubbing against delicate surfaces.

Secure Your Payload

If your payload includes some items light enough to blow out while driving on the road, then you are going to need to stop that from happening. In addition to the risk of losing the items you can also be creating an illegal hazard on the road and potentially get a large fine if the police spot you. So consider if you need to either package up the lightweight items so they are heavy enough to stay put or supply your own tarp or elastic netting to secure the load. Hooked elastic straps may work where a thicker rope has nothing to tie to.

A bit of preparation and research can make your quick move around town go a lot smoother with less potential for headaches. Take the time to make sure that you know what you need and have everything at hand that will be required on the day of the move. Try to take your time with the move and keep safety in mind when handling heavy items. The more planning you do in advance the less of a hassle the move will end up being.

And if you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at 1300 826 883.

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