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vehicles ratesWhy do I need Premium Roadside Assistance Cover?

We regularly maintain and service our vehicles to ensure you receive them in the best possible condition.  We include FREE standard roadside assistance as further protection against inherent mechanical faults in the Vehicle.  Everyday driving can through up all sort fo unexpected events which are not covered under our standard Roadside Assistance cover.  Additional Fees and Charges apply for other faults or driver induced errors unless you have purchased Premium Roadside Assistance Protection.  Generally, these fees and charges apply to faults and driver induced errors such as:

  • a flat battery (and not due to mechanical failure) such as leaving lights on or using the Truck Tail Lift, without the engine running, etc
  • lost keys, key-less start or remote control device;
  • the key, key-less start or remote control device has been locked in the vehicle;
  • changing a wheel as the result of a flat tyre or puncture;
  • windscreen and glass damage caused by stone chips etc whilst driving or
  • running out of fuel or filling up with the wrong fuel.

Roadside Assistance Protection may be purchased for $22 per day now, to provide cover for:

  • sufficient fuel to allow the Vehicle to be driven to the nearest service station, or providing a Vehicle tow to the nearest service station when providing sufficient fuel is not possible or practical;
  • unlocking the Vehicle when the keys, keyless start or remote control device has been locked in the Vehicle;
  • changing a wheel to the spare as the result of a flat tyre;
  • starting the Vehicle if the battery is flat because you have left the headlights or interior lights on or the air-conditioning, entertainment system or other electrical equipment (such a truck tail lift) operating when the engine is not running;
  • repairs to chips in the windscreen caused by road debris
  • Call out and fitting fees for parts, such as batteries or fluids etc (battery and parts extra)
  • towing, as a result of something you or the Additional Driver has done to, or caused to the Vehicle;

Conditions and exclusions do apply, so please read the terms and conditions of your rental agreement for full product disclosure.

Our Roadside Assistance cover is provided by Roadside Response Roadside Assistance.

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