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As part of our hire terms and conditions, all hirer’s must submit before hire and after hire photos of the vehicle to confirm the condition of the vehicle at the time of collection, during your hire and at the point of drop off. This protects you from any false claims of damage; so its a very important condition of the hire process. Photos need to be submitted to Go With The Gecko using the link provided at the time of booking or too If you have any questions or experience difficulties submitting your hire photos, please contact our Customer Services Team before commencing your hire.

Yes we require a valid credit or debit card for all bookings either online or through one of our agent locations.  We charge an additional 1.5% on all credit & debit card transactions to cover processing fees charged to us from the major banks.

Because we want to keep our hire costs as low as possible we require every hire to pay a Security Deposit as security on the hire. Security Deposits are payable in advance of every hire and held against each vehicle hire as security against a breach of the hire agreement by the hirer. It is used to recover costs associated with vehicle damage, late returns, excess KM, cleaning, traffic infringements, fines and tolls etc. Security Deposits balances are refunded within 7-10 working days of the conclusion of the hire, subject to the terms and conditions of the hire agreement. If its after the 10 working days since you returned your vehicle and you have not received your deposit back, don’t worry, we maybe missing some important information from you, please give us a call and we will assist you in getting this finalised as quickly as possible.
The security deposit is held for a minimum of 7-10 working days after the conclusion of the hire. This time period is critical to allow local traffic authorities to advise us of any infringements incurred by the hirer during their hire period, e.g. toll notices, parking or speeding fines etc and for us to inspect the vehicle for any damage etc. It can take several days for these organisations to forward notifications to us, which is why we notify customers in the rental agreement of the refund time-frame and process. Additional delays can be caused by not submitting your before and after hire photos. If your hire is over 7-10 days ago and you haven’t received your deposit, don’t worry, its likely we are missing some important information from you, so please give our Customer Service team a call or send us an email and we will investigate immediately and get the refund processed as quickly as possible.
All payments must be paid in full at time of booking by an approved Credit or Debit Card. If this is not possible please contact us to discuss your individual needs. When booking over the phone or online, payment is processed via our nominated merchant provider. This payment gateway is approved by the Commonwealth Bank. In some instances we may contact you for a holding deposit to secure your reservation.
We mean what we say – you can move More For Less with Go With The Gecko! That’s we will allow a minimum hire period of 1 hour for local hires; so you don’t need to pay for what you don’t need. A minimum hire period of 24 hours applies to all Interstate hires. It’s always more cost effective to extend your booking upfront, so talk to us about our upgrade offers as returning the vehicle late will incur additional fees.
All Hires come with Insurance included. We always recommend the pre-purchase of Excess Reduction Cover (ERC) to reduce the excess payable in the event of a claim to just $1000. If you dont pre-purchase ERC your Accident Damage Excess (ADE) is $7,500. Remember accidents are not always your fault and sometimes out of your control; so purchasing this added ERC Cover can make a real difference. For Short Term Local Hires Premium Cover starts from $22 per day and for Interstate and long Term Hires it is $100 per day.

Yes of course, provided the vehicle hasn’t be pre-booked by another hirer.  It’s always cheaper to add extra time to your initial hire booking to ensure you don’t suffer late return charges.

In the event things take a little longer than you expect, you need to pay for the extended hire period in advance (not when you return the vehicle – to avoid late return fees being applied).  So make sure, you call our Sales Team and they will be happy to extend your hire.

Remember, if you continue to use your hire vehicle after the time nominated on your hire agreement, you insurance and any coverage offered is not valid, so please make sure you call us.

All our Hire Vehicles can be driven on a valid car licence provided the nominated drivers are between 23 to 75 years of age. We recognise all current non-provisional and non-probationary Australian driver’s licences and current overseas licences. Accepted Driver’s licences must be in English with photo and produced at the commencement of the rental, and must not be expired. Should the valid driver’s licence be in another language or have no photo; we will accept a certified translation in English or an International driver’s permit. Still not sure if you’re eligible to drive a Go With The Gecko vehicle? Just give our Sales Team a call and they can answer all your questions.
All renters must be aged at least 23 years old and under 75 at the commencement of the rental to hire a vehicle from Go With The Gecko.
We provide 24 hour, national road-side assistance cover with every rental which covers the hirer for breakdowns caused by mechanical failure or breakdowns which are not the fault of the hirer. Conditions do apply so please call us in the event your vehicle requires assistance. You maybe liable to pay for any Roadside Assistance for breakdowns that are the fault of the driver for keys lost, damaged or ‘locked-in’ keys, flat batteries, running out of fuel, tyre damage or punctures etc. You can purchase optional Roadside Assistance cover to your hire agreement upfront to reduce any risk in the event of a breakdown. Simply call us for more information.
You as the “hirer” are responsible to pay for all Road Tolls to cover you use of any toll roads during your hire. You may purchase a Day Pass from the appropriate Toll Provider or use you own Toll Account as payment. In the event Toll charges are passed to use, from any provider you will be charged additional fees by us, for processing that Toll notice on your behalf. So make sure you notify us if you think you have used any toll roads during your journey so we can help you avoid any additional costs.
Yes. It is your responsibility to pay all road/traffic and/or parking infringements whilst you are using our vehicle. All infringement Notice’s for traffic or parking fines that we process on your behalf will attract an administration fee per infringement regardless of the reason or fault. This includes any towing, storage or recovery costs due to illegal parking or breaches or local traffic laws.
If you are involved in any kind of accident whether you are at fault or nor or are involved in a single vehicle accident or collision, you must contact us immediately as you are required to complete an Accident/Damage report form. This can be downloaded from our website. You may choose to pay for any repairs to the vehicle yourself. In this instance we will provide you with an vehicle repair quotation from an approved accident repairer and you have 14 days to make payment in full. If you wish to active your Insurance claim you will forfeit your Security Deposit and you are liable to pay the nominated insurance excess immediately prior to activating your claim. If you are not covered by insurance the default position, by law, is that the driver/hirer (not the registered owner of the vehicle) is responsible for all property damage repairs. We always recommend pre-purchasing Excess Reduction Cover(ERC) to minimise the risk to you in the event of an accident.
Our Customer Team are hear to help you at any stage of your vehicle hire, so please don’t hesitate to contact us There are several ways to contact us, you may use the LIVE CHAT feature during standard business hours or email us at Alternatively you can call us on 1300 826 883. Our Office Hours are 8am to 5pm Monday to Sunday.

Kilometre Travel Allowance

The daily kilometre travel allowance will be shown on your rental agreement and may be based on the type of vehicle and the location. You can increase the standard travel allowance at the time of booking. If you exceed the stated daily allowance, a charge may apply for excess distance covered.

Insurance Cover

Your liability for loss or damage to the vehicle is limited to the stated Insurance Excess unless the vehicle is used for a prohibited use. The standard insurance excess can be reduced by purchasing our Excess Reduction Insurance at the time of booking.

Breakdown Roadside Assistance

There is basic breakdown service included in your rental to cover call-outs for mechanical failure which is not deemed to be the fault of the hirer.

Charges apply for Roadside Assistance where the hirer is at fault such as, flat batteries due to leaving lights on or draining power from accessories etc, lost or keys locked in vehicle, punctured tyres, running out of fuel etc.

Full Roadside Assistance cover can be purchased in advance for an additional fee which covers your Roadside Assistance call-out subject to the policy terms.

You have the option to add the following items to your rental for an additional charge:

Additional driver: we will need to see their drivers licence.

Excess Reduction: You can reduce the accident damage excess to a lower amount stated in your rental agreement.

Premium Roadside Assistance Cover: you can purchase additional cover for the call out costs relating to incidents that are your fault, including running out of fuel, lost keys or keys locked in vehicles, drained batteries etc.

We do not cover you for:

  • Fuel
  • Parking and traffic fines you incur during your rental period.
  • Private Parking charges
  • Road Tolls
  • Vehicle Damage (not covered under insurance)
  • Additional drivers not named on the hire agreement
  • Cleaning cost
  • Lost Keys
  • Cargo or Personal items transported during the hire
  • Items left in the vehicle

We will pass on notices and fines and parking charges to you, and also charge you an admin fee. Toll charges will be charged and will also incur a processing fee. These charges will be processed to your credit card or removed from your security deposit prior to refunding any balance.

Yes, In-fact it is a condition of hire that you take clear photos of all 4 sides of the vehicle and a picture of the odometer reading before you leave the rental station and again when you return the hire.These photo’s must be emailed to and are then automatically added to your rental agreement and condition report. This process provides you with added piece of mind and protects you against invalid claims of damage.

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