Potential Additional Fees

You may incur additional fees as a result of your use of the vehicle or other incidents that occur during the rental (aside from your liability for damage or loss to the vehicle). These include the following:

Re-fuelling Price If you don’t fill up the vehicle on return, we will charge you a price per litre to fill the tank.  The fuel price is specified on the Rental Agreement.

Vehicle Assessment Fee
Fixed fee charged to Self Move Hire(SMH) by an external assessor to check on the condition of the vehicle when returned (In the event the Hirer has not submitted photographs of the vehicle condition – see terms and conditions)

Processing Fee
The amount payable for administrative functions SMH undertakes including the payment of, or handling of any claim for, any charges and penalties, such as processing of traffic fines, penalties and toll way use, non-submission of pre and post-hire photographs etc.

Breakdown or Roadside Assistance
If the driver is at fault for the problem for which assistance is requested, for example, the vehicle running out of fuel, or the keys being locked in the vehicle, the charge covers the cost of providing breakdown or roadside assistance. (Where Premium Roadside Assistance Cover has not been pre-purchased)

Additional Rental Days
You may be charged an extra rental for each 1 hour period entered into following the return time at then current rental rates, although you are allowed a ‘grace period’ of 0 to 30 minutes late for Local Hires, where no charge will apply and 0-2 hours for Interstate Hires, where no charge will apply.  Additional rental charges for that vehicle will apply for each additional day (or any part thereof) when the vehicle is returned late.

Vehicle Damage
You will be charged the full cost of repair to damage caused to the vehicle, (less fair wear and tear), irrespective of who is a fault.  In the event, you wish to make an insurance claim you will be charged the nominated Accident Damage Excess (ADE).

In the event of rubbish or other items being left in the vehicle, strong odors remaining or smoking has taken place in the vehicle; and or the vehicle requires cleaning or a valet is required (less fair wear and tear).  You will be charged a cleaning fee to cover the cost.

Charges for and Interest on amounts due
If you do not pay the amounts due to SMH under the Agreement (including any credit provided to you) in accordance with the Agreement, you will be required to pay interest calculated daily from the next day after the due date up to and including the date of payment at the rate equal to Commonwealth Banking Corporation standard business overdraft rate plus 2%, and reimburse SMH for its expenses and costs incurred in collecting from you the charges payable under the Agreement and in enforcing our rights, including charges associated with Debt Recovery.

If you need any further help with understanding these potential fees that maybe applicable to your hire, view our full terms and conditions here or call 1300 826883 during business hours and our Sales Team will be happy to assist you.