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By admin | In Expert Advice

2020 has been a difficult and trying year for all of us.  And while we continue to deal with this continually unfolding Coronavirus pandemic both nationally and internationally, Australian’s are starting to settle into our own unique new reality. 

If 2020 has shown us anything, it is a new appreciation for our home spaces.  But not just how they look, but how they function and support our daily lives.  It seems that the combining of easing lockdown restrictions, and the freshness of spring in the air, has inspired Australians around the country to look at home improvement projects for rejuvenating and freshening up their home spaces.

At Go With The Gecko, we’ve been hiring out many of our vans and utes to people looking to take advantage of this time to bring some more life back into their living spaces, increasing their functionality, and making the most of the room that they have.  As such, we’ve heard some great stories from our customers about the work they are doing, so we thought we’d share a few ideas here to maybe help inspire others.

Construct a Cleaning Station

This seems to be the must have new accessory for 2020, as many of our clients are building their own unique “grab-and-go” cleaning stations for keeping cleaning supplies, disinfectants, sanitisers, gloves and tools accessible and on demand.  2020 has taught us the value of clean surfaces, so make sure you’re ready to keep your space and loved ones safer by increasing their access to your cleaning products.

Set Up a ‘To-Do Later’ Box

It isn’t quite the procrastinator’s dream that it sounds like, but rather, that far too often we might have a great idea that we aren’t able to fully action immediately and we end up missing out or forgetting.  Building yourself a little “To-Do Later” box, takes the worry out of forgetting all those valuable tasks that you want to get to one day, saving them all in one important area.  Come back to it any time you find that you’ve got the time and energy to tackle one of your moments of divine inspiration.

Create Micro Spaces for Extra Space

The best way to maximise the storage capacity and the organisational quality of your storage spaces, like drawers and closets, is to find ways to divide up your spaces, into their own unique purpose-built space.  Adding dividers into drawers, shelves into closets, or stackable containers and boxes, helps to divide up your spaces into organised smaller spaces for keeping your items well placed.  Also consider making use of hooks on walls, both inside these storage spaces and outside, as a great way of fitting more organisation into your space.

Make a Toy Station on Wheels

Children’s toys have a way of cluttering any space.  But if their toys, dolls, books, and art supplies are finding their way all over your house, organise them into a portable toy station. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you can manage it as easily as purchasing a shelving unit with wheels, but giving your children the responsibility to wheel their toys around, can help inspire them to take more ownership over their items and ensure that they go back to where they came from for tidying up later.

Organise Your Hobbies

It isn’t just the children who can use help with organising a space, too many of our own personal hobbies start to spill out into our liveable areas, taking up room and making a mess.  Make sure that everything has a home, and build a unique storage area for your hobbies, grouping together items and storing them by their hobby. 

Get a Track System for the Garage

Those handy garage spaces are great for storage, but far too often we aren’t utilising the available space that they afford us correctly.  Installing a track system so that you can get to hang items vertically, is not only a great way to increase the storage options in your garage, but bring organisation to a space that typically gets everything “just thrown into it”. Imagine getting all those brooms, bikes, ladders and cords hanging from your track system, rather than just leaning up against the wall.  Instant space!

Invest in a Professional Closet System

They can be pricing, but, they can also be a do-it-yourself-ers favourite weekend task.  A professional closet system can bring immediate organisation to any closet space, which typically gets overrun with not just clothes, but assorted items that we can’t find anywhere else to put them.  Not only good is the system good for organising, but pulling everything out of the closet to make ways for your new system, is also a great time to really take stock of what you have, what you need, and what can be given or donated away.

In reality, your options for cleaning and improving your liveable spaces is as limitless as your creativity, but hopefully you found some inspired ideas in these few tips.  Building good habits is probably the best strategy for affecting long-term change in your organising and cleaning habit.  Consider the 8-minute challenge, where you set a timer for eight minutes every night, and put away as much as you can in those eight minutes.  Not necessarily to get to cleanliness, but rather just to build the habit/process of thinking about your items, and where they should/shouldn’t be going.

And in the end, if you’ve got a larger task of moving items around town that you need a bigger vehicle for, don’t hesitate to reach out to Go With The Gecko, for one of our local hires, we’d love to help you achieve your organisation plans this spring.

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