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holiday season safe driving australia blog post

Christmas is around the corner and so is the silly season, a favourite time of the year for a lot of us. It is that time of the year where you get the chance to take that much-needed break from work and enjoy the summer fun, weather and the festiveness of the holiday season with friends and family. It is the time of the year when you get that fun-filled chance of cleansing yourself from all of your stress and worries.

While some may take the opportunity to venture overseas, many others will use this time to stay in Australia and travel around to their various social engagements, shopping, and parties that populate this time of year. But this all comes at the expense of traveling around to many destinations within Australia, and with the heightened congestion on the roads, it is imperative to follow some safe driving strategies to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

In this blog post, we will walk you through some of our best tips and advice to follow while driving in Australia during this holiday season.

Why Are The Roads More Dangerous During the Holiday Season?

From congestion to the stress of the season, Australian roads can get very busy and unpredictable. With so many more unpredictable people on the roads, driving can get very uncomfortable and lead to potentially dangerous situations. Some of the bigger risk factors include;

  • Heavy Traffic – Roads will be full of people out on a shopping spree or driving from their many social obligations, so there will be more traffic and congestion wherever you go.
  • Weather – Australia’s weather can be quite hot and humid, but also punctuated with intense rain or damaging winds. Be prepared for the potential for all conditions when you leave the house.
  • Fatigue – With many more hours spent on the roads, driving for long hours could mean more drivers are tired and fatigued.
  • Young Drivers – During the holiday seasons many young drivers might be having their first go at their developing driving skills during their break, so their inexperience could lead to odd or inexperienced behavior.

So, while there can be increased danger on the road during the holiday season, there are ways for you to mitigate these dangers. These are our best tips for limiting the danger to you;

Some Tips for Safe Driving this Holiday Season

Leave Early

Always give yourself some buffer time on the roads, by leaving towards your destination much earlier than usual, even if you’ve done the trip many times before and know how long it should take. Chasing a deadline can lead to frustration on the roads that often translates into bad accidents. So, leave early so that any unavoidable circumstances can be dealt with in time so that you can be at your destination on time.

Limit The Kids and Pets Distractions

While you are driving with kids or pets on-board, make sure they do not cause you any distractions while you are driving. Keep them occupied in the back seat with some games, puzzles or music they love so that they do not interfere with what you are doing in the driving seat.

Take Ample Rest on Long Routes

While driving on longer routes, getting tired is absolutely natural. But you need to recognize the signs in time so that you or your driver gets some rest whenever you need it. Look for signs such as yawning, restlessness, droopy eyelids, or absent-mindedness so that you give yourself or your driver the required rest. Swapping with your driver and taking turns to drive on longer routes is the best way to deal with the fatigue that can come with long haul driving.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Before you embark on that long-awaited drive, make sure your vehicle is well prepared. Ensure that is has all of the essentials topped up or in good working order; such as the oil, brakes, tires, lights and fluids etc. Bring some snacks and loads of water while on your trip so you never get caught out, and never forget to pack an Emergency First aid kit for longer drives. Update your car’s GPS software so that you do not get lost into unknown and potentially unsafe territories. If you are traveling with loads of stuff, consider to opt for van hire in Sydney for all the stuff you want to carry.

Stay Within Speed Limits

Speed is thrilling but it is also killing. Make sure you stay within the posted speed limits on motorways and city roads. Drive cautiously to avoid any mishaps or accidents. Take care of pedestrians and fellow motorists. Follow the traffic safety rules diligently and the possibilities of any mishaps reduce automatically.

If you are planning to get on the roads this holiday season, it’s important that you follow these safe driving tips so that your fun trip remains a fun trip and does not become a regretful experience. Stay safe by drive more safely, will help to make sure you return with unforgettable pleasant memories. If you have any other questions about how you can be road safe this holiday season, give your driving experts at Go With The Gecko a call, we’d love to help you stay safe this holiday season.

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