Your Best Choice for 2 Tonne Van Hire

Feeling overwhelmed about your 2 tonne van hire options for an upcoming self-move? Don’t know where to start or who to trust? Don’t worry—Go With The Gecko has your solution: easy and convenient 2 tonne van rental packages designed to save you money and simplify your move.

Go With The Gecko is a proud Australian-owned and operated family business that’s been providing jobs and supporting local Australian communities for over twenty years. And we put that experience to good use helping Aussies move all across the country!

Go With The Gecko is dedicated to providing;

  • High-quality, well-maintained equipment and helpful services that make moving simpler
  • Hire packages and processes that are flexible and cost-efficient to keep more money in your pocket and give you peace of mind
  • Excellent, second-to-none service from friendly, experienced staff who harness their considerable knowledge to help you out, no matter what you need or when you call
  • The option of adding skilled labour to your hiring package to let us help you simplify and speed up your move.

So if you’re looking for 2 tonne van hire Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere else, our great van rental packages are your answer! Why? Because at Go With The Gecko, we pride ourselves on offering;

  • Low-stress, convenient interstate travel packages, with options for one-way van hire and vehicle delivery to get you on the road quick and easily
  • Competitive prices that give you great value for money
  • Easy-to-drive, modern automatic vehicles that only require a standard car license
  • Hiring packages flexible to suit your needs, whether you want van rental for a couple of hours up to a few weeks
  • A streamlined system that means minimal overheads for you
  • A quality rental experience, guaranteed, and everything you’ll need for your move with us, without breaking the bank
  • Our commitment to providing a comfortable, no-frills hire experience that’s great value for money and rests on a great relationship with our trustworthy company.

Our Vans – Making Your Move Easier!


2 tonne van hire

Our modern fleet of 2 tonne Renault Master Vans are high-quality vehicles that are designed to make moving easier. Every vehicle is under five years old and regularly maintained, ensuring the safety of you and your belongings.

Every van comes standard with;

  • Air-conditioning
  • Bluetooth stereo
  • Seating for up to 3 passengers
  • Full secured cargo bay with remote locking
  • Numerous convenient tie-down points in the cargo bay to ensure cargo is safely secured during your journey
  • Convenient short-term and long-term hire options

Simplifying Your 2 Tonne Van Hire

Go With The Gecko words hard to make sure you don’t have to, and that means making your move easier! Our friendly, helpful staff use their years of experience to provide quality advice on coordinating your move and finding the best 2 tonne van hire package for you.

Our professional-quality 2 tonne vans are designed to make moving as easy and safe as possible, including when dealing with the challenge of awkward or heavy loads. At Go With The Gecko, we’ll make hiring a 2 tonne van smooth and simple.

2 Tonne Van Hire That’s Convenient and Cost-Effective

If you’re looking to hire a 2 tonne moving van, then you already know that self-moves allow you to control your move, reducing costs and saving you money. At Go With The Gecko, we strongly believe in self-moves as a way to keep money in your pocket, so we make sure our packages are cost-effective for you!

We also want your move to be as simple as it can, which is why our specially-designed 2.0 tonne Renault Master vans are made for moving large loads on long journeys. And we make the process even simpler by putting all of our 2 tonne van hire packages on kilometre loading—you’ll know precisely how much your hire costs before you start!

With a wide range of convenient locations across Australia, we can provide more options for vehicle pick up drop off, and our package flexibility helps make the whole process even easier. We are committed to giving you convenience and great choices without breaking the bank, so you can move more, for less.

Call Go With The Gecko Today

Ready to self-move, and looking for a 2 Tonne van hire that’s flexible, with pricing that won’t break the bank? If you want to avoid expensive removalists and are looking for a reliable moving van rental, Go With The Gecko is your best bet!

Our high-quality, flexible 2 Tonne van hire packages are a simple, cost-effective and convenient way to manage your own self-move. Contact us today at our Australian Contact Centre on 1300 826 883 (1800 VAN UTE) or email us for high-quality advice and quick, efficient service.